• Transport Vehicle, Spare Parts and Batteries.
  • Signal, Electric & Electronic Equipments, Accessories & Spare Parts.
  • Medicines, First Aid Treatment equipments and other related materials.
  • Arms & Ammunitions.
  • Clothing, Barrack Tent, Camping Accessories, Hospital and other related materials.
  • Laboratories and Experimental Accessories.
  • Items i,e Fisheries, Animal foods and Chemical Substances.
  • Ground Equipments and all Spare Parts.
  • Stationary, Office Equipment and other Accessories.
  • Supply, Overhaul, Repair and Maintenance of Fighter Aircraft, Helicopters, Naval Ship, its spare Parts and Major Equipments.
  • Construction Equipment/Element, Iron Materials and General Engineering Materials.
  • Chemical Substances, Package Materials and Safety Gears.
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